For some, Ramadan is intended to be a period of religious reflection and time spent with family. For others the ideal occasion for relaxation, a quick holiday and some much needed rest. The weather gets hotter, the days, significantly shorter and in the U.A.E the business pace is known to temporarily stagnate. For those who have unfinished business during this time, properties to manage, sell, buy, conveyance or handover; we can understand why this may be a stressful time. It doesn’t have to be though,  and we are not the only ones who think of Ramadan as an opportunity (Is Ramadan a Good Time to look for Property?).

How Your POA Can Help

As POA specialists, our primary goal is to make property transactions faster, easier and less stressful for our clients

By providing full Power of Attorney representation, we can take care of the below:

  • Property Sales & Purchases: Power of Attorney Representation for the full sale/purchase transaction: from the initial signing of the MOU or Sales Agreement to the NOC at the Developer’s office and safe transfer of title at the Dubai Land Department.
  • Property Conveyancing: Property transactions in Dubai are becoming increasingly complicated as the market grows and procedures become more regulated. Using a property conveyancer ensures that your interests are safeguarded within the framework of the law and that all aspects of the property transaction are being conducted most efficiently. We offer step-by-step guidance and support throughout the full process of a property transfer and handle all of the complicated and time-consuming legal aspects whilst ensuring that all parties’ interests are suitably protected.
  • Property Handovers: A complete Property Handover service to ensure that you get the keys to your new home as quickly and smoothly as possible. From completing the initial inspections, snagging and finalizing the Handover with the developer to the rental, management and/or sale of your property post-H andover.
  • Property & Tenancy Support: Exclusive property management services covering every aspect of your investment. Complete peace of mind for a nominal annual fee. Expert advice and support throughout your tenancy; arranging tenancy contracts/ renewals, vetting prospective tenants, facilitating maintenance & securing timely rental payments. The highest levels of service with the fairest rates in the market.
  • Title Deed Registrations: Securing your proof of legal ownership, registering your proprietary interests with the authorities and guaranteeing protection of your assets. The Title Deed provides you with conclusive proof of ownership as the legally registered owner of the property. It is the single most important document so we ensure you register this quickly and correctly.

Why Us?

Other than the fact that we pride ourselves in treating our clients like family, there are three key factors that make us unique from other Power of Attorney Service providers:

  1. Your POA is the first and only truly independent Power of Attorney service in the UAE meaning that as a client, you no longer need to worry about conflicts of interests or potential abuses of power.
  2. We provide specialist representation services to 750+ clients located all over the world for a wide-range of property related matters, business structuring and asset protection. In short, we have experience in the matter, and can address your concerns rapidly whilst finding solutions that best fit your specific needs.
  3. We have a team of legally qualified and young, dynamic and experienced experts, all equipped with the necessary market knowledge, qualifications and expansive local network to ensure that all transactions are completed quickly and securely.

Other Services we can help you with!

There are also a number of alternative services that we can help expedite during this somewhat sluggish month. Let us come up with a few scenarios. Say you are someone who recently moved to Dubai and want to set up a company but do not know where to begin or where to find this information? Ramadan often equates to shorter working hours, which may mean your queries are not being answered at the pace you’d hoped for. As specialists in the field, we already have the information you need and will make it our top priority to ensure your case is handled with urgency! Or perhaps you have recently purchased over AED 1 million worth of property and want to take care of setting up a property investor visa? You might even choose this time to register any wills or inheritance matters that you have pending and now have some free time to address. Whichever your situation may be, we are here to help make your Ramadan a memorable one!

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with one of our specialists today at [email protected] or call +971 4 338 3032 and help us help you!

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