Safeguarding your Assets: New Developments at the DIFC Wills Centre

Only a little over 1% of expats living in the UAE have registered a Will that can be enforced in the region. Not to mention, many of the aforementioned have invested heavily in property, accumulated significant savings and wealth and set up successful businesses since moving to Dubai (DIFC Wills). It is alarming to consider [...]

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The Impact of Expo 2020

Although the exact impact of Expo 2020 on the UAE cannot be predicated with absolute certainty, it is already possible to make several educated guesses about which industries it will affect the most. Below is a detailing of the four top fields the Expo will undoubtedly impact in the times ahead. Infrastructure: The site where [...]

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One Free Zone Passport Initiative

Setting up a business in a Dubai free zone is something many entrepreneurs consider during their time of conducting business in the UAE. If you are one of these entrepreneurs or businessmen/women, there are some recent developments that you should be aware of as they can have a significant impact on your business. The One [...]

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Property Handovers Made Easy

“More than 47,000 residential units are likely to be handed over in 2019, according to new statistics from UAE-based real estate portal Property Finder” (Arabian Business). With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to revisit some of the reasons why property handovers should merit your time, and a brief overview [...]

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Property Gifting: Individual to Corporation

'Hiba' Transfers or Property Gifting in the UAE Within the UAE jurisdiction, one course of action that has gained tremendous popularity in recent times is what is known as a “Hiba Transfer”, also referred to as Property Gifting. In Dubai, a Hiba transfer is perhaps most often carried out in cases involving ownership transfers from [...]

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UAE Launches Gold Card Program For Permanent Residency

Earlier last month, the U.A.E cabinet announced the introduction of several longer-term residency options (5 and 10 year residency) for specialized talents, investors (real estate and otherwise) entrepreneurs and outstanding students (Gulf News). The cherry on top came with the announcement of the new Golden Card program. Like many economic citizenships offered across Europe and [...]

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UAE Cabinet To Launch New Long-term Visa Scheme

The inability to acquire long-term visas has for many years, been one of the primary dissuaders for long term settling in the region by investors, entrepreneurs and students alike. The UAE government, is not only aware of this, but has now actively taken a stand to combat this issue with their plan to activate a [...]

Closing More Property Deals During Ramadan With Your POA Dubai

We are all aware of the impending situation. Ramadan is right around the corner, and for many real estate agents and entities this means a shorter time frame to process and close deals. The weather gets hotter, the days shorter and most people are on holiday or taking leaves of absence to spend time with [...]

Navigating The Month of Ramadan with Your POA Dubai

For some, Ramadan is intended to be a period of religious reflection and time spent with family. For others the ideal occasion for relaxation, a quick holiday and some much needed rest. The weather gets hotter, the days, significantly shorter and in the U.A.E the business pace is known to temporarily stagnate. For those who [...]

Looking to Acquire a Second Citizenship?

As a general populace, we have made some significant advances towards becoming more globalized in recent years. Through our commitment to accessibility, exposure and diversity, we have surpassed boundaries and crossed borders that previous generations could only dream of and that is nothing short of an inspiring feat. Whereas we are proud of how far [...]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Setting Up a Free Zone in Dubai

Free Zone Companies 101 Setting up a company in the U.A.E can be quite overwhelming, we know because we’ve been there! Not only are there a number of different kinds of companies, it can be hard to discern which will be ideal to your line of business and best-suited to what you are looking for. [...]

The U.A.E’s New Instant License

Preview The term “sustainable economic development” is one you are likely to hear often in the U.A.E especially as we move into Expo 2020. Sustainable economic development refers to the creation of economic conditions for growth that are inclusive, environmentally sustainable and favorable to employment creation. These economic conditions are almost always generated through modifications [...]

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Considering a Second Citizenship

A Preview of Second Citizenships For years, statute naturalization was viewed as the only way to obtain a passport or citizenship. Alas… times are changing. As the world has become increasingly more globalized, unstable, and immigration policies are certainly more rigid in nature, many people continue to search for alternatives that can offer them the [...]

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Property Gifting in the U.A.E

Property Gifting Preview Property gifting, also known as a Hiba transfer refer to the addition or removal of a name from a title deed resulting in a subsequent transfer of ownership into the name of another person or entity. There are several reasons why one may choose to gift property in the U.A.E however the [...]

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Understanding Trakheesi

In today’s day and age, Dubai continues to be considered a prime destination for individuals and corporations looking for new opportunities. Whether your interest lies in investing or settling down, the real-estate market here is even hotter than the weather, and that dear friends, is really saying something. It comes as no surprise then that [...]

The Dubai Property Market in 2018

The Dubai Property Market in 2018 “What do you think will happen to the Dubai property market?” is hands down, one of the most asked questions of 2018. Going into 2019, this is an increasingly pressing issue and thus, still lingers in the minds and mouths of expats, investors and virtually anyone who takes an [...]

Wealth Arabia Summit 2018

Introduction to the Wealth Arabia Summit With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on everything that Your POA was a part of this past quarter. Amongst some very exciting developments that we will be sharing with you in the near future, perhaps one of the most [...]

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Top 10 U.A.E Real Estate Terms

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the real estate scene in the U.A.E, but find yourself too overwhelmed to take the first step? We can relate! The first thing you need to do is begin to familiarize yourself with the different entities and procedures that you will encounter out here. This list of [...]

JAFZA Issues New Regulations

There’s nothing we love more than keeping you in the loop! The Jebel Ali Free Zone authority recently issued some new and amended regulations for Offshore Companies and we want you to know exactly how this may impact you. Residence Visas: An Offshore Company that owns property in one of the designated freehold areas is [...]

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Lost Your Title Deed? Here Is What To Do!

Lost Your Title Deed?  Here Is What To Do! As you already should be aware (and if not, you should be), the Title Deed is the most important document of all when it comes to your Dubai property.  Unlike other jurisdictions (the UK being a good example), in Dubai, the Title Deed is your sole [...]

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10 Key Measures Protecting Dubai Property Investors

Protecting Dubai Property Investors We have put together some key points you should be aware of in Dubai as a property investor. The rules and regulations are ever evolving in the UAE and it can be hard to keep up. We will update this blog periodically with new information on what to watch out for. [...]

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Taxation is coming to Dubai – here is what you need to know!

Taxation Comes to the UAE Excise Tax Commences with Registration for VAT also opens from 1st October 2017 After many months of discussion and an almost daily circulation of rumors on this somewhat controversial topic, taxation has officially been introduced in the United Arab Emirates.  This is, of course, groundbreaking news for a region that [...]

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DUBAI Expo 2020 – What Is It And Why Should We Care?

Introduction To The Expo 2020 On 27th November 2013, Dubai became the first Arab country to be chosen to host the world’s biggest exposition, winning a resounding 116 out of a total 167 votes at the 154th Bureau International des Expositions’ (BIE) General Assembly in Paris. Almost immediately after the announcement was aired, car horns [...]

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Top Tips To Sell Your Dubai Property TODAY!

How to Sell Your Property in Dubai! So you have decided to sell your property in Dubai but are unsure where to start with this? Well, in our latest blog, we have laid out some simple guidelines on all of the steps involved as well some useful advice and tips to help you along the [...]

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Power of Attorney – Your Questions Answered

What Is A Power Of Attorney? Simply put, a Power of Attorney is a written, legal authorisation to represent someone or act on someone else’s behalf in private affairs, business and other financial matters. A Power of Attorney can handle a broad scope of matters depending on the particular person’s requirements.  In real estate, a [...]

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The Mystery Behind Dubai Property Investment Visas

Dubai Property Investment Visa - so you have heard stories about the possibility of obtaining a residency visa with the purchase of a property in Dubai but have no idea if this is true or what this entails? Well, you are not alone. There is still much confusion around this topic (especially given that the rules [...]

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Some Useful Tips on Getting Documents Legalised in Dubai

Getting Documents Legalised in Dubai ADDITIONAL UPDATE (* AUGUST 2018) - There has been a rather important procedural change with regards to the Power of Attorneys for property sales and specifically when the property has a mortgage levied against it. In such instances, you might be aware that the original Title Deed is always held [...]

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Offshore Company Formation – Protecting Your Property Assets

There has been a lot written about opening an offshore company formation for the purpose of purchasing a property in Dubai. This is not a new phenomenon but more and more property investors seem to be enquiring about this with its increased popularity perhaps coming about as a result of added fears over complex inheritance [...]

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All You Need To Know About A Dubai Investor Visa

Update. Including details of the procedure. Recently we have been receiving an increased number of requests for a Dubai Investor Visa. To us, that indicates two things. The first being, that more and more people are wanting to be able to call Dubai their home, and the second being that people have no idea how to [...]

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Fast, Simple & Secure Power Of Attorney Representation In Dubai!

Need A Professional Company To Look After Your Property Interests?  Look No Further! Here is a brief outline of what we can do for you...

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Change of Title Deed Ownership and “Gifts” of Property in Dubai

We have had a number of enquiries over the last few months with regards to Gifts transfers and specifically in relation to whether such transfers can take place between siblings and whether it is possible to carry out multiple Gift transfers on the same property.  There is still a great deal of uncertainty on this point.  Even after [...]

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Buying Off Plan Or Ready-Made Property? You Must Read This First!

Purchasing A Property But Don't Know What To Do? So you have decided to purchase a property in Dubai but you now face that well-documented conundrum of whether it is better to invest your hard-earned money in an off plan project or a ready made property? It’s a tricky question in itself. There has been [...]

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Property Handovers: Your Go-To Guide On How To Get Your Keys Quickly and Efficiently…

Where Do We Begin? Congratulations! At long last, your property in Dubai is ready to be handed over from the developer and you can soon start to see some return on your investment after many years of waiting. But what now? Unfortunately, what should be a happy and momentous occasion for property investors often becomes a major [...]

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Dubai Wills: Safeguarding Your Property Assets

Dubai Wills Explained I was having lunch with a friend the other day and he mentioned that he was looking into the issue of preparing a Will in Dubai. Now, my friend is not old by any means (late 20s) but has recently purchased his first home with his wife so the subject of Wills [...]

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Choosing a Power of Attorney in Dubai

We have put together a quick guide on choosing a Power of Attorney in Dubai... Reasons For Using A Power of Attorney? There are many good reasons to provide a trusted individual with Power of Attorney in Dubai.  Traditionally Power of Attorneys were used to ensure that any legal, proprietary or other such interests [...]

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UAE Officials to Discuss Potential Tax Introduction

UAE Potential Tax Introduction Click here for the latest article on the UAE and Dubai Tax Introduction 2018 Some of you may have read my article back in September 2015 (for those that didn’t, shame on you!) regarding the possibility of taxes being introduced in the UAE – https://www.yourpoadubai.com/will-taxes-be-introduced-in-dubai/.  In this article, I outlined the [...]

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Will Taxes Be Introduced In Dubai?

There is an old proverb that says that “taxes grow without rain”.  Perhaps this will be true even in the desert?!  Earlier this year, it was announced by the Ministry of Finance that the UAE were drafting proposals for the implementation of corporate and value-added taxes and that this was to be concluded “very soon, within [...]

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The Dubai Property Market: What is Happening?

The Ups & Downs Of The Dubai Property Market It has been a turbulent time for the Dubai property market over the last few years. When I arrived in Dubai in late 2012, the market was booming. Buyers were putting down deposits without even setting their eyes on units. Prices were increasing on an almost daily [...]

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