UAE Cabinet To Launch New Long-term Visa Scheme

The inability to acquire long-term visas has for many years, been one of the primary dissuaders for long term settling in the region by investors, entrepreneurs and students alike. The UAE government, is not only aware of this, but has now actively taken a stand to combat this issue with their plan to activate a [...]

Navigating The Month of Ramadan with Your POA Dubai

For some, Ramadan is intended to be a period of religious reflection and time spent with family. For others the ideal occasion for relaxation, a quick holiday and some much needed rest. The weather gets hotter, the days, significantly shorter and in the U.A.E the business pace is known to temporarily stagnate. For those who [...]

The Mystery Behind Dubai Property Investment Visas

Dubai Property Investment Visa - so you have heard stories about the possibility of obtaining a residency visa with the purchase of a property in Dubai but have no idea if this is true or what this entails? Well, you are not alone. There is still much confusion around this topic (especially given that the rules [...]

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All You Need To Know About A Dubai Investor Visa

Update. Including details of the procedure. Recently we have been receiving an increased number of requests for a Dubai Investor Visa. To us, that indicates two things. The first being, that more and more people are wanting to be able to call Dubai their home, and the second being that people have no idea how to [...]

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