Property Gifting: Individual to Corporation

'Hiba' Transfers or Property Gifting in the UAE Within the UAE jurisdiction, one course of action that has gained tremendous popularity in recent times is what is known as a “Hiba Transfer”, also referred to as Property Gifting. In Dubai, a Hiba transfer is perhaps most often carried out in cases involving ownership transfers from [...]

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Property Gifting in the U.A.E

Property Gifting Preview Property gifting, also known as a Hiba transfer refer to the addition or removal of a name from a title deed resulting in a subsequent transfer of ownership into the name of another person or entity. There are several reasons why one may choose to gift property in the U.A.E however the [...]

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Change of Title Deed Ownership and “Gifts” of Property in Dubai

We have had a number of enquiries over the last few months with regards to Gifts transfers and specifically in relation to whether such transfers can take place between siblings and whether it is possible to carry out multiple Gift transfers on the same property.  There is still a great deal of uncertainty on this point.  Even after [...]

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Dubai Wills: Safeguarding Your Property Assets

Dubai Wills Explained I was having lunch with a friend the other day and he mentioned that he was looking into the issue of preparing a Will in Dubai. Now, my friend is not old by any means (late 20s) but has recently purchased his first home with his wife so the subject of Wills [...]

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