Dubai Real Estate for Beginners: Property Transfers

Property gifting, also known as Hiba transfers refer to the addition or removal of a name from a title deed resulting in a subsequent transfer of ownership into the name of another person or entity. There are several reasons why one may choose to gift property in the U.A.E however the most common ones by [...]

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In today’s day and age, Dubai continues to be considered a prime destination for individuals and corporations looking for new opportunities. Whether your interest lies in investing or settling down, the real-estate market here is even hotter than the weather, and that dear friends, is really saying something. It comes as no surprise then that [...]

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Your POA Reviews: The Dubai Property Market in 2018

“What do you think will happen to the Dubai property market?” is hands down, one of the most asked questions of 2018. Going into 2019, this is an increasingly pressing issue and thus, still lingers in the minds and mouths of expats, investors and virtually anyone who takes an interest in the intricacies of the [...]

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