Choosing a Power of Attorney in Dubai

We have put together a quick guide on choosing a Power of Attorney in Dubai... Reasons For Using A Power of Attorney? There are many good reasons to provide a trusted individual with Power of Attorney in Dubai.  Traditionally Power of Attorneys were used to ensure that any legal, proprietary or other such interests [...]

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UAE Officials to Discuss Potential Tax Introduction

UAE Potential Tax Introduction Click here for the latest article on the UAE and Dubai Tax Introduction 2018 Some of you may have read my article back in September 2015 (for those that didn’t, shame on you!) regarding the possibility of taxes being introduced in the UAE –  In this article, I outlined the [...]

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Will Taxes Be Introduced In Dubai?

There is an old proverb that says that “taxes grow without rain”.  Perhaps this will be true even in the desert?!  Earlier this year, it was announced by the Ministry of Finance that the UAE were drafting proposals for the implementation of corporate and value-added taxes and that this was to be concluded “very soon, within [...]

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The Dubai Property Market: What is Happening?

The Ups & Downs Of The Dubai Property Market It has been a turbulent time for the Dubai property market over the last few years. When I arrived in Dubai in late 2012, the market was booming. Buyers were putting down deposits without even setting their eyes on units. Prices were increasing on an almost daily [...]

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