Need a Power of Attorney in Dubai?

At Your Power of Attorney Dubai, we offer fast, simple & secure Power of Attorney representation for all of your property needs.

We are legally qualified and experienced in the Dubai real estate market and offer a full range of services as Power of Attorney – from Property Handovers & Title Deed Registrations to Sales, Purchases and Gift Transfers. 

Better still, you do not have to be present in Dubai at all!  We can represent you wherever you are based–worldwide.  We will guide you through the full process and update you every step of the way.

So whether you are taking possession of your property from your developer, applying for your Title Deed at the Dubai Land Department, Gifting ownership of Title to a relative or even selling or purchasing a property, we are here to help.

Why Us?

 Professional, client-focused service

 Proactive approach

 Regular updates and feedback at every stage of the transaction

 Expert advice on the transaction & procedures involved

 Experienced & qualified staff – with law degrees from the UK

What We Offer

We offer Power of Attorney representation for the following:

Why You Need a Power of Attorney Dubai

Life is busy, money is important and time is short.

At Your Power of Attorney Dubai we understand that many people simply do not have the time, money or resources to complete the complicated and time-consuming formalities of a property transaction.

Others do not want the hassle of visiting the various offices to do the process themselves.  Many do not even know the complex procedures involved and are only partially represented by their brokers, who are often more focused on their next sale than completing your property transfer efficiently.

  • Our aim is to make your property transaction faster, easier and stress-free.

So if you are overseas, stuck under piles of papers in the office or even relaxing on a beach somewhere, you can be assured that your property interests are being taken care of properly.

By using Your Power of Attorney Dubai, you will:

  • Save money – the costs of flights and hotels bills for a week or more in Dubai or even the money lost on taking time off work to do the process directly
  • Save time and inconvenience – we will do all of the running around so that you do not have to worry about the various complicated processes involved
  • Avoid stress – from all those ever-changing local rules and regulations


Call Your Power of Attorney Dubai today – we are here to help!